A Night Packed with Activities and Entertainment that Could Possibly Change Your World.

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Live Professional Sports Event

Most of our events feature an AHL Hockey or NBA Basketball game. Come experience all that a live event has to offer. The Fans, the Food, the Excitement, the Friends, and the Selfies!

Arena Games

If you have been at an arena I am sure you, like the rest of us have thought things like: I wonder how far I could chuck this??? I wonder what the arena looks like from Center Court??? I wonder how far I could slide on the Ice??? As a fan at a sporting event those things will get you thrown out. But after the game, Reverb ramps up with activities that you don’t normally get in a sports arena. Games in the crowd, prizes, and a chance to come down on the Ice/court to represent your team.


When it gets late, you get hungry. No better time for Pizza! That’s right, a Midnight Pizza party to move into the Early Morning activities.

Activity Centers

Indoor Sports Centers featuring Archery Tag, Battle Balls, Soccer, Dodgeball, Inflatable Obstacle Courses and much more to experience! Fun Centers featuring Video Game areas, Laser Tag, Bowling, Trampolines, Roller Skating and many others depending on the event you attend.

Change your world? You’ll just have to come and see...