Glens Falls, NY

December 1st | $46


Adirondack Thunder, ECHL HOCKEY


These venues will make the excitement last all night. We don’t call it the best all-night evangelistic event for nothing!


SESSIONS 1 AND 2. Classic fun mixed with great music and tons of prizes, games and competitions.

  • Unlimited Bowling
  • Engaging program all evening
  • Competitions
  • Prizes
  • Games

Adirondack Sports Center

Some of the greatest activities including Inflatables and Archery Tag.

  • Inflatables
  • GaGa Ball
  • 9 Square in the Air
  • Archery Tag
  • Dodgeball
  • Soccer


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PDF’s and important information for this specific Reverb event.


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Paul O'Bradovic



Purchase tickets before the dates below to secure the best price for your group.
Thru Nov. 8th


per student

Includes entry to all event venues as well as soda and pizza

Nov. 9th Thru Nov. 22nd


per student

Includes entry to all event venues as well as soda and pizza

After Nov 22nd


per student

Includes entry to all event venues as well as soda and pizza

Game and Rally Only


per student

Includes game and rally only. No after-midnight activites



All leaders tickets are discounted $10 from the above prices.


Tickets may be purchased after November 22nd for $60 by calling the Area Missionary or they can be added at the Registration Table on December 1st.
Click on any “Buy Tickets” button and you will be taken to the Reverb registration page.

If adding to an earlier registration, make sure you enter the same group name and the tickets you order will be added to your current number.

Reverb is designed for middle school and high school students and their leaders.
Yes, our only requirement is that they are in attendance during the Gospel message.

You will need to have someone meet them at the entrance and give them a ticket to get into the building during the game. Word of Life staff will not be able to assist with this.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

The individual ticket can be replaced by another person.

We do not require permission slips, but encourage leader to have one for each person in their group. To download a sample Permission Slip click here.

A waiver is required by Glens Falls Civic Center for every individual in your group (including adults). To download that waiver, click here.

The Reverb ticket covers everything needed.

Pizza will be provided around midnight. Purchase of food at the arena and/or after midnight venues is at the discretion of each person.

Game and Rally Only tickets cover the Hockey Game and the Amp Rally ending at midnight.

Standard Ticket includes the hockey ticket, AMP rally, pizza party and entrance to your two pre-selected after midnight venues ending at 6:00 am.

There are several public parking lots available for your use around the Civic Center.
Each group is responsible to provide sponsors and transportation for the entire event.

If you plan to travel with another church, you must let us know when you register.

Scholarships are available for unsaved students. Please call the area missionary in charge to get more information. The church must register the unsaved student with the area missionary over the phone to receive the scholarship.

An Evangelism Scholarship is available. For every church-funded “Evangelism Scholarship” purchased TO BRING AN UNSAVED STUDENT TO REVERB, WOL will purchase an additional ticket for another unsaved student to attend REVERB.